Sea holidays in Sicily

Sea holidays in Sicily: Taormina and its beaches offer the best shores to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and its myths,savoring the flavors, admiring the scenery and discovering a fascinating history.


The holidays on the sea of ​​Sicily are magical: the Sicilian sea is revered since ancient times, its myths are interwoven with the history of the island and its landscapes are among the most characteristic of the Mediterranean nature. In no place like Taormina sea tells ancient stories with its wide perspective, open between the land and the horizon far away.From Mon Repos you can see the sea of ​​Isola Bella, in front of the city, and the Bay of Taormina, one of the most beautiful bays of the east coast of Sicily.
Taormina’s beaches are among the most vibrant and fashionable in all of Sicily, and beach holidays here leave all the desire to return to find out more and more. Mon Repos guides you to discover some of the most beautiful beaches of Taormina, to be chosen according to the tastes and desires for your holidays on the sea of ​​Sicily. Isola Bella: a paradise in front of our hotel, with a beach of pebbles and gravel, located islet or rather the  peninsula of Isola Bella, that only at times of low tide is connected to the mainland. It is one of the most central and lively beaches of the city where you can find some of the best restaurants and beaches, and a stretch of free beach. The shoreline is among the bluest of the entire coastline, with a sea floor showing even from afar its clear and transparent  blue-green shades. Isola Bella is a nature reserve that is home to a beautiful historic residence, and can be reached every day except Monday, taking the cable car Taormina-Mazzarò, in groups of 15 people to preserve the pristine beauty.
For those who do not want to move and stay near the center and the railway station of Taormina-Giardini, the  Villagoniabeach is a gulf of rock and gravel that reaches the fine white sand beaches of of Giardini Naxos. From Mazzaro many boat trips depart to the many caves of the Taormina coast, including the famous Taormina Grotta Azzurra. But also staying on the beach is beautiful: it is located in a picturesque bay where the sea is deep, and offers refreshment in turquoise waters. The same clear water characterizes the sea that washes the beach of Spisone in the Taormina bay, well distributed between the free portions and private facilities. The lavic  islets emerge from the water and the fine sand is perfect for sunbathing.
In Giardini Naxos are some of the most beautiful and popular beaches of Taormina: the Recanati beach is wide and sandy, with free areas and equipped bathing facilities. Much loved by thousands of tourists and locals who go there every summer, it is served by excellent restaurants, pizzerias, bars and clubs for all tastes. The Schisò beach  is washed by the waters of the Ionian Sea and it seems that here the first Greek settlers landed in Sicily. Very crowded in the summer months, it has excellent services and entertainment for families with children in the lidos. Still in Giardini Naxos, for those who enjoy quieter beaches, the beach of Porto Saia has small coves from which to enjoy the warm sun of Sicily, surrounded by a a little ‘different seascape especially appreciated by canoeists who rent canoes here. Going north from Mazzarò you get to Letojanni, and the wide beach of fine sand of Mazzeo, especially loved by those who love sunbathing because it is exposed longer to the sun light. The Letojanni Waterfront has the Tauro mount of Taormina in the background, and faces a crystal blue sea. It is always touched by a gentle wind much appreciated for kitesurfing that also allows you to tan without suffering the heat.