Holidays in Sicily

The advice of our hotel for your holidays in Taormina in Sicily: the best times of the year, ideas for eating, shopping,traveling in Sicily.


You will always be grateful to those who give you travel tips for holidays in Sicily and Taormina, because personal experience is always an added value, the best way to find new places that might otherwise remain unknown and because Sicily is so rich of cultural aspects that  you might lose yoursef with the many suggestions of the many guides available.
Sicily features a lot of possibilities for your holidays, and many ways to experience them, which vary depending on the expectations and desires of each one. Sicily is also good food, good wine and each location has its own recipes that have to be tried. From Taormina, you should not leave without having tried many confectionery specialties, from granitato cassata, the sweets made with almonds, which is also the base ingredient of Taormina wine, a sweet and deliciousliqueur, an explosion of Sicilian taste when served cold.
As for the best time to visit Sicily and Taormina: all year! Do not be impressed by the high temperatures that the thermometers mark in the hottest days of the year, the island of Sicily is constantly touched by the sea winds that give wonderful breezes, the Sicilian heat is dry and benevolent : only a few days a year with sirocco wind blows from the south are really hard, and are still a Sicilian weather feature interesting to experience, to realize what the real heat is!However, for those who may choose alternative months, beautiful time to visit Taormina and Sicily are spring and early autumn, when the beaches and the streets are less crowded, the temperatures are milder and you can enjoy them for more hours in quietness.
To go shopping in Taormina, don’t miss going to Corso Umberto I in the charming old town of Taormina, which is a real mine of ideas for gifts and souvenirs to take home. Here, some of the most famous pastry shops welcome you with the heady scents of their almond products to take away to bring some Sicily home: one of these is the Pasticceria Etna, with a showcase full of beauty and goodness, where cannoli are giacantic and slush flows freely. Also try the SicilianoCocktail. Pasticceria D’Amore is also not to be missed, as well as for the excellent products, for the  picturesque and quaint look with the Sicilian pupi -puppets – greeting you from the shop windows and colorful ceramics.
For crafts, on the same street you can see the typical street performers making paintings which in some cases are of really high value, and many local craft products like the locally crafted brown ceramic heads or the objects in inlaidmarble. To sleep in Taormina, the best advice is obviously our Mon Repos, a beautiful villa with stunning views, garden and two swimming pools, spacious rooms, the best place to stay in Sicily for a romantic weekend or a honeymoon in Sicily oragain for a lovely holiday of beauty and luxury.