The Early 20th century Villa

"Villa Mon Repos". The name was not chosen at random for this extraordinary building of the early 1900’s that was converted into boutique hotels. The owner of the time, the Russian Joseph Stempel, chose the name still unaware of the glorious future that would come to mark the history of this architectural jewel in Art Nouveau style. Marlene Dietrich was in love with the ground-floor terrace, from there she admired the sea when it came to the villa, but by the will of the owner Dominic Guarnaschelli, in the sixties it became the first casino of Taormina. 1963 and 1964 mark the "golden era" of Mon Repos. The tenth anniversary of the Film Festival of Taormina was celebrated there and he did not want the beautiful world to miss its appointment with the city and the epicenter of its worldliness. The casino was now a destination for international stars like Gregory Peck, Marlene Dietrich and Cary Grant, to stars and rising stars of Italian cinema, the era of famous artists and members of the aristocracy. Today, mindful of its fabulous past, the villa is reborn as a luxury boutique hotel in the lushness of the Park of Olives. There is Isola Bella on the one hand, and the summit of Mount Etna with its impressive volcano on the other.


 Ultramodern Residences

Alternatively ultramodern hospitality is matched with the classic style of the ancient Villa, the luxury suites are located within the park of the old villa, literally surrounded by greenery. This unique modular architecture of the latest generation stands on a magnificent natural setting: in front of Isola Bella and the Bay of Sirens together with Mount Etna with its imposing volcano. The 14 beautiful suites in the residence are decorated warmly in a contemporary style, and are on two levels of the building and exposed to the east over the bay of Isola Bella. The aesthetics of the exterior glass balustrades on the furnished terraces allow you to enjoy the infinite magic of the place that houses them.