Greek Theatre of Taormina

The amphitheater in Taormina is the second classical theater in Sicily after the one in Syracuse in size and importanceof stage performances. The summer season of performances at the greek theater of Taormina, close to our hotel, isone of the main cultural attractions of the city.


After a short and pleasant walk from our hotel, the Greek Theatre in Taormina imposes itself in all its glory on the city. In the words of W.G. Goethe’s Italian Journey you can read one of the most evocative descriptions: Who sits at its highest point, once occupied by the spectators, can not help but realize that perhaps no other theater audience has such a sight. […] The look embraces all the long hilly ridge of the Etna Vulcano, on the left all the way to the beach of Catania and even farther as far as Siracusa.
The theater of Taormina was probably built with the material obtained from the excavation of Mount Tauro in the third century BC, the period of government of the Tyrant of Syracuse Gerone. Under the scene, there are blocks of stone typical of Taormina, very similar to marble, a feature that is found in Greek theaters. However the essential aspect, which was to emphasize the natural scene of the theater, has been modified by the Roman style, more lavish and artificial, adopted later. The extraordinary charm of the Greek theater in Taormina is that it remained almost intact and is perfectly suited to its use even today: numerous cultural events of international importance are organized in this stunning location with breathtaking views and great features for a theater. Attending a work of classical drama in Taormina in its greek theater is a unique experience that gives hardly repeatable emotions. It’s easy to get carried away by the atmosphere, while admiring the unparalleled backdrop and picturing the spectacle in the eyes of the ancients as the drama unfolded on the stage, when all around the valley was still sparsely urbanized and the view all around blended with the story on the scene.
The performances of the greek theater of Taormina are many, and are held mainly during the summer season. One of the most impressive and international ones is the Taormina Arte Award, the Film Festival of Taormina, hosting many international premieres every year. Many guests of our hotel are also attracted by the performances of the opera season in Taormina, with stage productions and directions of great artistic value.