“Tout Va” Restaurant

Prestige and culinary research

The renowned gourmet restaurant "Tout Va" inside the historic villa offers fare made from fresh ingredients carefully selected by our chef, dishes with flavors that blend tradition, innovation, taste and emotion that delight, surprise and tease. Our cellar has the best selections of wines and champagne, that will welcome you on our terraces to make your every moment and occasion magic.

 Magical ritual
Sunset aperitif

At seven in the evening when the sun begins to set the terraces and the living room of Villa Mon Repos are brought to life with wonderful background music, to create the mood for the magical ritual of the aperitif, accompanied by delicious snacks. Every occasion and moment lived in this beautiful and unique setting of Taormina will bring unforgettable memories that will stay forever in your finest moments.

 Third small box
Cooking is like loving

Message from Cristhian Busca, Chef of "Tout Va" "Cooking is like loving. Either you throw yourself into it wholeheartedly, or you give up. There is no such thing as traditional cuisine and creative cuisine, there is only good cuisine.” With these words Cristhian Busca, chef and deus ex machina of the ambitious restoration project of the Tout Va restaurant, describes his vision and the cuisine of Tout Va.